We raised an amazing £3407 fundraising July 2016 and hope to have raised just as much awareness


As July is the offical International Group B Strep Awareness month our family decided to dedicate every week in July to raising awareness.  


We wanted to create some happy memories for our children relating to Faith and thought what better way to do it than having fun whilst creating awareness and raising money for gbss.org.uk?


It was a busy month but we want to do everything we can to raise awareness 

because we don't want our loss to become another's.


We did the following activities to help raise awareness and donate money to gbss.org.uk.and rasied an amazing £3407!



Saturday 2nd July

 Manchester Color Run


Raised an amazing £461!  

Please see the Color Run page for photos and more info


Saturday 9th July

Summer Fair

Raised an amazing £2,111!  

Please see the Summer Fair page for photos and more info



Saturday 16th July

GBSS charity night in Wigan


Saturday 23rd July

Humber Bridge Walk

Raised an amazing £6651!  

Please see the Humber Bridge Walk page for photos and more info



Thursday 28th July 

Grimsby Town Centre

We raised awareness of GBS in the town centre by giving out 

GBSS balloons, stickers, leaflets and raised some money along the way



Please see the relevant fundraising pages for ways to support us and donate.

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