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On 23rd October 2015 our 4th child, Faith, was stillborn full term plus 9 days.


As we did not have an autopsy for Faith, we will never know why she died. However, it was only when we received all the results back following Faiths death that I found out I had group B Strep. The results showed that I was heavily colonized with group B Strep, as was my urine, placenta and Faiths swabs.


While we will never know if this infection is what caused her death, perhaps if I had been tested for GBS Faith may be here today. The fact remains I will be treated for GBS in future pregnancies, but have had to wait for my baby to die to find out I even had it!!!  


I am now passionate about raising awareness of the possible risks of GBS.


GBS is not routinely tested for in the UK so I have started a petition for all pregnant women to be routinely tested for GBS using the ECM test.

I would be so grateful if you would READ, SIGN and SHARE my petition. 


Thank you x


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